A Game of Two Halves...

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Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan...
Yet more unbelievable stuff from our inconsistent army of legends last night at the Emirates. After going out of the FA Cup to Sunderland, losing to dross like Spurs and Blackburn earlier in the season, our last three results have gone a long way to restoring some pride for a season which some people had written off back in August.

Read: Arsenal 5-2 Spurs, Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal and Arsenal 3-0 Milan last night. Unfortunately though, with our terrible 4-0 reverse at the San Siro, we'd left ourselves with a mountain to climb, a mountain what was too big to climb even though we gave it a good old go at the old climbing there yesterday. We managed to get three quarters of the way up said unclimbable mountain with goals from Koscielny (Bang), Rosicky (Placed) and van Persie-ey (Peno) just before half time, but we ran out of steam and had no decent substitute climbers on the subs ski-lift, and couldn't quite manage to final goal we needed to get to the top of the mountain and force extra time at the ice cold, snowy peak.

Highlights of the game will be the Ox putting in an amazing shift, van Persie still sparking and Rosicky with yet another outstanding performance. The downlights, would be the sick all over the bench behind Arsene Wenger, going out of the CL obviously, the ref who was utterly useless and the manner in which we lost the first leg.

But hey ho, as man-child, soul sister Tina Turner once said 'River Deep, Mountain High' which should inspire our team to win against Newcastle next week and continue our ascent to the top three of the Premier League...

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